Emergency Needs

In Russia, the charitable Jewish organizations have the wardship of more than 40,000 people — the elderly, the socially unprotected families and the families with special needs children — in many Russian cities from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. The main wards of the Heseds (Jewish social care centers) are the elderly. Many of them are lonely bedridden patients in need of daily care.

50 Russian Heseds rely on funding from large charitable organizations, such as the Claims Conference (via Joint), the Hesed Association, the Russian Jewish Congress and other entities.

Due to Covid-19 outbreak in Russia, we face a challenge to urgently raise extra funds for emergency needs to save people.

We raise money:

At the difficult time of pandemic, the Russian Jewish Congress finds ways (often at the expense of other programs) to allocate money for the most urgent needs. We have already disbursed more than 5 million rubles for the purchase of disinfectants and grocery baskets in 26 cities, but it will suffice only for three weeks. Unfortunately, there is no reason to assume that the situation will be resolved in the near future. 

In order to help the most vulnerable members of our Jewish community in the period of trial, we need to raise monthly about 13,000,000 rubles apart from the RJC usual budget

6 300 000

For the purchase and home delivery of food

3 975 000

For the purchase of disinfectants

500 000

For additional support of low-income Jewish families

2 000 000

For transportation support to care workers

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Food purchase and home delivery to the elderly (per month)

At the time when the world is fighting against the dangerous disease, the most defenseless people of the Jewish community in Russia — thousands of elderly people who have no one to help and no one to take care of them — are the worst hit by a pandemic.
They are strongly advised not to go outside. In this hard period, they desperately need our help.

We launch the «Grocery basket delivery at door» program, in terms of which 1,858 lonely elderly people (whose pension does not exceed 11,500 rubles per month) will get food products delivered contactless within two months.
The cost of one grocery basket is 3,000 rubles per month.

You can choose to support any number of people, even the smallest amount will be a great help.

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Purchase of protective gear (per month)

We have already disbursed a million rubles to purchase disinfectants and personal protective equipment for 26 Heseds.

However, requirements exceed our capability: every day we receive dozens of letters from Hesed asking for help.

The Hesed employees have already scuttled many programs, but such programs as «Nurses» and «Companions» (home care of the elderly, including bedridden patients) cannot be closed or suspended. We must do whatever it takes to make the visits as safe as possible for the wards.

7000 people
are under the wardship

Transportation support to care workers (per month)

It is necessary to provide transportation support to care workers so they can visit their wards at home if a quarantine is enforced.

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Low-income Jewish families support (per month)

Due to the ominous economic situation, a number of disadvantaged families with children is growing and will continue to grow.

To support such families, we need to raise extra funds for, among other things, clothes and school supplies purchasing, social work with the large families living in poverty and families with disabled children.

All of them — the elderly, seriously ill patients, children and their parents — need our help. Any donation will be greatly appreciated! The fact remains that even at the most trying moments the Jewish people survived only because we helped each other, leaned on each other and saved each other.